SV MI-POD Starter Kit Overview

SV MI-POD Starter Kit Overview

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Nicotine salt vape juices have exploded in popularity in the recent years thanks to the popularity of vape pod systems. Vapers, especially vaping newbies, are choosing more portable, easy to use vape pod systems that are geared more towards nicotine satisfaction versus creating huge plumes of vapor. One of the most popular devices now available is the Mi-Pod Starter Kit by SV (Smoking Vapor), let’s find out why so many vapers are choosing this vape pod system over others.


SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit

The SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit is an ultra-portable and compact vaporizing device that brings aesthetics and functionality together into a powerful and discreet form. The Mi-Pod Starter Kit is equipped with upgraded features like an internal rechargeable 950 mAh battery, a proprietary OAS system and refillable pod cartridges with a 2ML maximum vape juice capacity.

The SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit is a compact and discreetly shaped device that features a beautifully designed finish that is available in many aesthetically pleasing styles, colors and patterns. The Mi-Pod Starter Kit’s size and shape makes it ultra-portable and discreet, even though it has a more rectangular shape, its smooth lines make it ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The Mi-Pod is also a durably built device yet remains lightweight enough to be carried via the included braided lanyard for portability and ease of use.

The Mi-Pod Starter Kit is powered by one of the largest rechargeable batteries available to vape pod systems to date, it is built around a custom 950 mAh battery that lasts long enough for a full day’s worth of use without having to constantly recharge. The Mi-Pod features a copious 2ML replacement pod system that is perfectly designed for use with nicotine salt vape juice flavors.

For added safety and a more foolproof vaping experience, the Mi-Pod Starter Kit is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and a smart LED battery life indicator that keeps its user up to date on the battery’s current remaining charge. When the Mi-Pod’s LED light blinks “blue”, its current charge is between 3.7 to 4.2 volts and is okay to use, “purple” is between 3.4 volts to 3.7 volts and is okay to continue to use and “red” means the power is lower than 3.4 volts and needs to be recharged before being used.


SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit Features:

All-In-One Vaping System

Draw to Fire

On/Off Safety Switch

2ML Vape Juice Capacity

Mi-Pod Refillable 2ML Cartridge System

Proprietary OAS System (Oil & Air Separated)

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Feel

Tight Draw Feel

Designed for Nicotine Salts

Vibrant Colors & Finishes Available

Magnetic Press Fit Cartridges

950 mAh Rechargeable Battery

Micro-USB Charging Port

Lanyard Attachment Loop

3 Color Smart LED Battery Life Indicator

Voltage Output: 3.0 to 4.2 Volts

Resistance Range: 1.0 to 1.2 Ohms


SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit Includes:

SV Mi-Pod

Pack of 2 Refillable Pods

Braided Lanyard

Micro-USB Cable

User Manual