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  • SV MI-POD Starter Kit Overview

    Nicotine salt vape juices have exploded in popularity in the recent years thanks to the popularity of vape pod systems. Vapers, especially vaping newbies, are choosing more portable, easy to use vape pod systems that are geared more towards nicotine satisfaction versus creating huge plumes of vapor. One of the most popular devices now available is the Mi-Pod Starter Kit by SV (Smoking Vapor), let’s find out why so many vapers are choosing this vape pod system over others.


    SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit

    The SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit is an ultra-portable and compact vaporizing device that brings aesthetics and functionality together into a powerful and discreet form. The Mi-Pod Starter Kit is equipped with upgraded features like an internal rechargeable 950 mAh battery, a proprietary OAS system and refillable pod cartridges with a 2ML maximum vape juice capacity.

    The SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit is a compact and discreetly shaped device that features a beautifully designed finish that is available in many aesthetically pleasing styles, colors and patterns. The Mi-Pod Starter Kit’s size and shape makes it ultra-portable and discreet, even though it has a more rectangular shape, its smooth lines make it ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The Mi-Pod is also a durably built device yet remains lightweight enough to be carried via the included braided lanyard for portability and ease of use.

    The Mi-Pod Starter Kit is powered by one of the largest rechargeable batteries available to vape pod systems to date, it is built around a custom 950 mAh battery that lasts long enough for a full day’s worth of use without having to constantly recharge. The Mi-Pod features a copious 2ML replacement pod system that is perfectly designed for use with nicotine salt vape juice flavors.

    For added safety and a more foolproof vaping experience, the Mi-Pod Starter Kit is equipped with an ON/OFF switch and a smart LED battery life indicator that keeps its user up to date on the battery’s current remaining charge. When the Mi-Pod’s LED light blinks “blue”, its current charge is between 3.7 to 4.2 volts and is okay to use, “purple” is between 3.4 volts to 3.7 volts and is okay to continue to use and “red” means the power is lower than 3.4 volts and needs to be recharged before being used.


    SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit Features:

    All-In-One Vaping System

    Draw to Fire

    On/Off Safety Switch

    2ML Vape Juice Capacity

    Mi-Pod Refillable 2ML Cartridge System

    Proprietary OAS System (Oil & Air Separated)

    Mouth-to-Lung Vaping Feel

    Tight Draw Feel

    Designed for Nicotine Salts

    Vibrant Colors & Finishes Available

    Magnetic Press Fit Cartridges

    950 mAh Rechargeable Battery

    Micro-USB Charging Port

    Lanyard Attachment Loop

    3 Color Smart LED Battery Life Indicator

    Voltage Output: 3.0 to 4.2 Volts

    Resistance Range: 1.0 to 1.2 Ohms


    SV Mi-Pod Starter Kit Includes:

    SV Mi-Pod

    Pack of 2 Refillable Pods

    Braided Lanyard

    Micro-USB Cable

    User Manual


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  • What Is Nicotine Salt?

    What is Nicotine Salt & Why Is It Suddenly So Popular?

    Nicotine Salt is a form of nicotine that is naturally found in tobacco leaves and is a much more stable nicotine compared to traditional freebase nicotine that is found in regular e-juices. Nicotine salts need a higher temperature to be vaporized properly and for the nicotine solution to be effective, though it is still not as easily absorbed by your system as freebase nicotine, yet the vapor industry is now bursting with nicotine salts.

    Due to devices like the JUUL pod and the SV Mi-Pod Kit, the popularity of nicotine salt vape juices exploded in the past year. Perfect for new vapers or those who prefer more simple devices with an emphasis on nicotine satisfaction over vapor production, vape pods with nic salts are now becoming the go-to option for many.


    Nicotine Salts Over Regular Vape Juice

    Regular vape juices contain freebase nicotine, with this form of nicotine, having a higher nicotine content would be avoided because the hit from the device would be much too harsh on the throat. But when it comes to nicotine salts, people who regularly vape a 3mg freebase vape juice can comfortably vape a nicotine salt that is rated at 25MG to 50MG. With nicotine salts and pod devices, the vape experience is likened to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette in how warm the vapor feels and the hit the device delivers.

    With a freebase vape juice, for most people vaping an e-liquid that is 6MG or above would be much too harsh, but some researchers discovered that by adding benzoic acid into the mix, nicotine salts are able to have much higher nicotine content without the added harshness. Along with making nicotine salts more palatable at a high nicotine content of 50MG (for example), benzoic acid also allows nicotine salts to be vaporized at a much lower temperature. It even lowers the pH levels of the juice itself for a smoother hit and creates a chemical reaction that lets the nicotine salt to be much more easily absorbed by the nicotine receptors in the body.


    Are Nicotine Salts Right for You?

    If you are a newbie vaper, a vape pod system with nicotine salts makes a perfect bridge for making a successful switch to vaping. Because they are easy to use, with a two-piece snap together system, are “pull” to fire or have a single fire button, lightweight and discreet in size—many new vapers find them much easier and less intimidating to use when first making the switch.

    Nicotine salts feature a much higher nicotine content and are popular with vapers due to the nicotine buzz that they receive from one pull, some vapers compare it to the feeling of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette in terms of vapor production and overall satisfaction feel. So if you aren’t looking to blow huge clouds and are leaning more towards nicotine satisfaction with a more genuine smoking-like feel—nicotine salts and vape pods devices are a perfect choice to get your vape game started on the right foot.


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  • Guide to SMOK Mesh Coils

    SMOK is one of the most popular manufacturers in the vapor industry due to their incredible build quality, perfected engineering and high-performance vapor mods, tanks and replacement coils. Devoted to giving their customers the best vaping experience from day one, SMOK’s collection of vaping products are designed to impress with each use.

    SMOK has stepped up their game with the release of their revolutionary Mesh Coils which are designed for the SMOK TFV12 Prince, Prince Cobra, Baby Prince and Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tanks.


    SMOK Mesh Coils

    The SMOK Mesh Coil is an advanced replacement vape coil that is made with top quality flattened Kanthal wire. SMOK Mesh Coils feature a single flattened coil that has a mesh structure that has speedy e-liquid absorption and fast juice vaporization. Due to its ingenious mesh structure, SMOK Mesh Coils have a larger surface area that has more even heating and fast vapor creation. Thanks to its mesh form, these coils are less likely to corrode or develop hot spots while in use.

    SMOK Mesh Coils give a great satisfying flavor reproduction and huge clouds of vapor with each use. SMOK uses only 100% Japanese organic cotton, a natural wick that is free of impurities for perfected vapor production full of unadulterated flavor and massive cloud creation.



    Fire At 0.15 Ohms

    100% Japanese Organic Cotton Wick

    Single Mesh Coil Build

    Large Heating Area

    Perfect Flavor Production

    Speedy E-liquid Wicking

    Efficient E-juice Vaporization

    Made for Higher Wattage Vaping

    Build Type: Single Mesh Coil

    Wick: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton

    Made for Sub Ohm Capable Devices

    Wattage Range: 60 – 100 Watts

    Recommended Wattage: 80 to 90 Watts

    Tank Compatibility: SMOK TFV12 Prince, Prince Cobra, Baby Prince & Baby Beast


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  • Guide to SMOK Strip Coils

    With their unrivaled build quality and advanced vapor products, SMOK has become one of the most well-known manufacturers in the vapor industry. Committed to giving their customers an unmatched vaping experience, SMOK’s line of vape devices, sub ohm tanks and coils are geared towards top performance with satisfying vapor and flavor creation with every use.

    SMOK has continued their advanced engineering into their collection of coils and have even stepped it up with their remarkable Strip Coils that are made for use with the SMOK TFV12 Prince, Prince Cobra, Baby Prince and Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tanks.


    SMOK Strip Coils

    The SMOK Strip Coil features a radical coil design that is created from top quality Kanthal and has a single flattened coil build with a porous structure for fast vape juice absorption and vaporization. Due to its structure, SMOK Strip coils have a much larger heating surface area that allows for quick wicking and speedy vaporization. Its porous form also has better durability for less corrosion and possibility for hot spots over traditional coil builds.

    SMOK Strip Coils have rich flavor production and intensity with every puff. SMOK’s collection of coils feature Japanese organic cotton wick, for pure vapor and taste production that is free of impurities. With each use, the satisfying vapor clouds made by SMOK Strip Coils offers the delicious and pure taste of the vape juice that it is used with.



    Fires in 0.15 Ohms

    100% Japanese Organic Cotton Wick

    Porous Single Strip Coil Build

    Large Heating Area

    Rich Flavor Creation

    Faster Juice Vaporization

    Made for Higher Wattage Vaping

    Build Type: Single Porous Strip Coil

    Wick: 100% Organic Cotton

    Use Only With Sub Ohm Capable Devices

    Resistance: 0.15 Ohms

    Wattage Range: 40 – 100 Watts

    Recommended Wattage: 70 to 80 Watts

    Tank Compatibility: SMOK TFV12 Prince, Prince Cobra, Baby Prince & Baby Beast


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