Samsung has a world-wide reputation for bringing the most technologically advanced and well-built products to their expansive customer base. Their incredible product line ranges from cell-phones, to TVs/home theaters, computers and so much more. Samsung is backed by their highly knowledgeable research and development team whom are driven to create innovative, dependable and top quality products to keep their customers at the cutting-edge of technology.

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  • Samsung 25R INR 18650 2500mAh High Drain Battery $5 Off Coupon & Free Shipping

    Samsung 25R INR 18650 Batteries are perfect for use with box mods, mechanical mods or other vaping devices that are compatible with 18650 battery cells. These batteries are reliable and well-built, featuring an INR chemical composition for an increase in overall battery life. These high drain 18650 cells are rated at 2500mAh, 3.6 volts and a 20 amp max discharge current.

    These batteries are priced at the regular cost of $12.99, now $7.99 with coupon code. US shipper – Free shipping. Use the coupon at checkout to redeem discount.

    $5 Off

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