Efest is a joint-venture company created by DCB group and a technological team with staff from Hong Kon, Canada and Japan. United as one, Efest has become well-known for their research, development and manufacturing of lithium batteries and crystalline LCD chargers. Efest uses only the latest and most advanced Manganese-based lithium battery technology in the creation of their products in order to manufacture only the most superior and high grade cells and LCD chargers for their vast international customer base.

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  • Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 3000 mAh Battery $5.10 Off Coupon & Free Shipping

    The Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 3000mAh High Drain Battery is the perfect cell to use with any 18650 capable vaping device or mod. The Efest IMR 18650 LiMn is a top quality and well built battery made wth lithium ion and manganese oxide that is known for its stability and non-toxic qualities. These batteries are long-lasting, feature a 3000 mAh rating, 3.7V and 35 amp continuous discharge.

    These batteries are priced at the regular cost of $12.99, now $7.89 with coupon code. US shipper – Free shipping. Use the coupon at checkout to redeem discount.

    $5.10 Off

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