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  • The Top 5 Best Vape Pods of 2018

    A great way for new users to enter the vaping world is through the use of vape pods. Like the very popular JUUL, these two-piece and easy to use vapor devices are discreet, small in size and are the perfect starter kits for vape newbies. The JUUL’s innovation and popularity paved the way for more vape pods to enter the market and now there are many different vapor pod device types that will surely suit the taste of any user. To make it easier on you we have scoured the internet to find the best of the best, check out the Top 5 Best Vape Pods that we found for 2018.


    5. Smoant S8 Vape Pod

    The Smoant S8 Vape Pod is a remarkably designed all-inclusive vape pod system that features a rechargeable and internal 370 mAh battery and a refillable 2ml atomizer cartridge. The Smoant S8 Vape Pod has a draw activated firing system, a convenient LED battery life indicator and replaceable replacement atomizer cartridges that have a 2ml maximum vape juice capacity.


    4. Justfog Minifit

    The Justfog Minifit Vape Pod is one of the smallest vapor pod devices currently available in the industry with a size similar to that of a standard USB thumb drive. Ultra-portable, discreet and powerful enough for a day’s worth of vaping thanks to its rechargeable 370 mAh internal battery. The Justfog Minifit features refillable 1.5ml cartridges and has a tactile fire button with a smart LED battery indicator system. Its compact size and easy to refill system make the Justfog Minifit a reliable daily vape.


    3. SMOK Rolo Badge

    The SMOK Rolo Badge is an all-in-one vapor pod device system that features refillable 2ml pod cartridges, with a unique and ergonomic shield shape. The SMOK Rolo Badge Pod features a pull to activate firing system and is powered by a rechargeable 250 mAh battery with a smart LED light battery level indicator and easy to refill pod atomizer cartridges.


    2. Suorin Air Pod

    The Suorin Air Pod is a compact, all-in-one and easy to use vape pod system that features a powerful 400 mAh rechargeable internal battery. It is a two-piece system that has a battery base and press-fit refillable cartridges, these cartridges have a copious 2ML maximum vape juice capacity. Ultra-compact and discreet in size, the Suorin Air Pod is often compared to holding a small stack of credit cards in its size and heft. This device features a simple pull to activate system and even has an external LED battery life indicator.


    1. SV Mi-Pod

    The Mi-Pod Vape Kit is one of the most popular vapor pod device systems available in the industry. Built with a custom 950 mAh rechargeable battery and is paired with a patented OAS system with refillable cartridges with a 2ML vape juice capacity.  The Mi-Pod features a compact and ergonomic square-like form, a draw activated firing system and a three-color LED powered light to keep track of its current battery life.

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